Wesley's private beach...

Since the sun decided to shine everyday since more than a week now, I decided to buy a new pool for Damian. He looooves water. I guess he got used to water since we are still working in our garden and still have to water our plants every single day. Of course DJ is a great help watering the plants...and stones.

However, last Saturday I took him to the toy store to buy a new pool and some other toys. Daddy had to help to set it up and we put it right behind his sandbox. Check out these pictures....I had a hard time to get him out for at least 5 minutes.

30.4.07 22:15

The Beginning

Damian was about 3 months old, when I decided to start a blog to keep everybody in the world updated what was going on with us and especially with him. You know how busy it can get...it is a shame, I don't even make it to the post office once a week to send pictures and letters (which I think is still more personal and special than email) to my loved ones. So here I am, giving it another try, hoping it will work better this time and I hope to find some minutes every now and then to post what's new and good to know.

Little Damian is 15 months old already and I truly apologize for all the delays keeping you guys updated in the past...I promise to do better .

24.4.07 00:15

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